Sewing + Knitting = Awesome

Well, it’s been over a month since I started this blog, and I haven’t posted anything!  I have been sewing a bit, and I have some completed knitting projects to show off, but I thought I’d start with this nifty little pouch I made for a dear friend.

It turned out exactly as I had pictured… which is nice, considering I began working on it 2.5 years ago!  That was just after I’d learned to knit, and before I’d done much “real sewing” (I’ve always enjoyed reconstructing and modifying my clothes, though.)  I completed the knit portion, but my sewing skills needed longer to develop, so I put the project out of sight for a few years.  Even after my sewing had improved, I couldn’t quite figure out how to make exactly what I wanted (a lined bag with no seam allowances showing and no topstitching), until I found the perfect tutorial on Craftster.

I followed the tutorial pretty closely; the only tricky part was joining my knitting to a piece of fabric beforehand.  (Well, okay, it was also tricky when I completely spaced on preshrinking my interfacing…)  If I were to make another one of these, I would try and incorporate a narrow “seam allowance” edging on my knitting, to make the joining easier, particularly on the beaded edges.

Other details:

-Knit with Southwest Trading Company Pure SoySilk yarn in “Rapture” colorway, with assorted seed beads

-Knitting was based on the Lily of the Valley version of the Perdita bracelet from Knitty… yes, I know mine looks nothing like a bracelet.  I couldn’t find a pattern for a bag that fit the picture in my mind’s eye.

-Fabric used was fuchsia silk and purple cotton batik (and 2 layers of fusible tricot interfacing, one of which is acting as more of a sew-in due to shrinking issues)

Overall, I am extremely pleased with how this bag came out; despite the 2.5 years it took to complete, it was not very difficult, and the result is fabulous, my pictures do not do it justice.  I may have to whip up one of these for myself sometime!


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