Pressing Tools

Not the most exciting of sewing… but quite useful.

Tailor's ham, seam roll, and pincushion, on a fresh ironing board cover

Unfortunately, the rather cute pincushion is unusable; it is much to firm, and bends my delicate silk pins.  I guess small-pet-bedding sawdust, packed as firmly as possible, is not the best for sticking pins into.  That did occur to me as I was making it, but it was what I had on hand.  I’ll have to make another one, filled with something a little more pin-friendly, and a bit larger, while I’m at it.

The tailor’s ham and seam roll went a little better, since they’re supposed to be quite firm.  I probably could’ve stuffed more sawdust into the seam roll as I sewed up the opening, like I did with the ham, but oh well.  They’re done, and functional, and that’s what counts, especially for projects like this.  They are wool on one side, cotton on the other, with a “lining” of cotton muslin.  If I were to do them again, I would machine-baste the lining layer to the outer layer, so they don’t become separated during stuffing, and also because the basting stitches would give a good guideline for the hand-stitched closure.

Re-covering my ironing board was a much larger task than I’d anticipated, since my machine’s wide zigzag (which I wanted to use to attach the drawcord) was having serious tension issues, something I’ve been ignoring and avoiding for some time.  Even when the upper and lower tension were evenly balanced, they both seemed much too tight, causing a fold to form in the middle of my zigzag.  I wanted to adjust my bobbin tension, but the tension screw on my bobbin case was, to my best efforts, non-adjustable.  This is strange because I had the bobbin case replaced a while ago, and I was definitely able to adjust the bobbin tension on my old case.  Eventually, after much unsuccessful futzing around with tiny screwdrivers and machine oil, I remembered I have a spare bobbin case, and used that one (with its adjustable bobbin tension), for a lovely, evenly-tensioned zigzag.  I’m a little irked that the other case has an apparently stuck tension screw, though– especially as I recall I was charged $80 for that silly little part.


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