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Finished Object: New Look 6740

My apologies for the long absence (just in case anyone is reading…)  Two of my favorite pet frogs laid eggs together, so I am raising their offspring.  They are little froglets now, and very time consuming, but I will try … Continue reading

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1970’s Skirt Copy

This time I actually have a garment to show you… thus far garments have been sorely lacking, despite my intentions for this blog.  This is actually the first garment I’ve made that I’m proud to wear in public, so I … Continue reading

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Pressing Tools

Not the most exciting of sewing… but quite useful. Unfortunately, the rather cute pincushion is unusable; it is much to firm, and bends my delicate silk pins.  I guess small-pet-bedding sawdust, packed as firmly as possible, is not the best … Continue reading

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Sewing + Knitting = Awesome

Well, it’s been over a month since I started this blog, and I haven’t posted anything!  I have been sewing a bit, and I have some completed knitting projects to show off, but I thought I’d start with this nifty … Continue reading

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The First Post

Hello, I am the DragonFrog, and this is a blog about my wardrobe. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to dress up.  A great outfit can cheer me up on a low day, or make an … Continue reading

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